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Images and
of the New
Zealand Army
Heritage Responder Robotics (HeRRos)

When powerful earthquakes struck
Christchurch, New Zealand it was deemed too
dangerous for humans to enter some heritage
buildings. One of these was the Christchurch
Basilica where the New Zealand Army surveyed
the interior using a robot with onboard cameras.
You can access the videos at:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Robotics offers the ability to safely review
structures, with imagery and other data that
can be reviewed globally. Robotic technology is
on the cusp of rescuing  items of cultural
significance, deploying sensor arrays for
security and environmental monitoring, and
making repairs.

Utilising robotic resources in the heritage realm
offers the military opportunities to deploy soft
power. Commercial operators can work with
clients and insurance companies to minimise
damage and costs. The resulting reduction in
destruction and damage of cultural  heritage
will assist in social and economic recovery.
Bryan Lintott