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Bryan Lintott
Discovery Hut, Antarctica
Antarctica and Apollo

Antarctica and the Moon are non-territorial
regions where important historic sites of
exploration and science are located. Whilst
the Antarctic nations have developed a
comprehensive and robust system for
conserving historic sites and in Antarctica,
no legal protection has been given to historic
human and robotic sites on the Moon, other
than basic ownership of equipment. Given
the importance of the Lunar sites, and those
beyond, it behoves us to protect them, and
we already have many of the answers on
how to do this from Antarctica. I first spoke
on Antarctica and Apollo in 2007 at the
Mutual Concerns of Air and Space Museums
Seminar in San Diego, then at the
Smithsonian and the next year at Google.

In 2014, I presented my research at the
ICOMOS General Assembly.